Financial Aid For Women – Educational and Financial Assistance For Women

A lot of female students today; regardless of their course and educational attainment, are still experiencing difficulties to land better jobs and opportunities compared to their male counterpart. Moreover, a lot of professional industries in the US are dominated by male workers. Could education be the factor behind the growth of male workers in the workplace?

While the number of the population could be a factor, education can also affect the number of women to men ratio in the workplace. This also shows that a lot of today’s women are unable to become professionals or to become contributors to other industries where there are more workers. This reality has been brought to the attention of various institutions, and yet, not a lot of action has been done to equalize the number of female and male workers, provide more opportunities for women, and most of all, provide women with the right educational assistance and benefits.

The country has, however, various offices that are willing to extend financial aid for women who would like to become professionals or excel in their profession in a specific field, be it male-dominated or not. Today’s top sponsors who provide women with scholarships and grants are:

  • American Association of University Women (AAUW)– The AAUW, as the society is commonly called, is an organization that provides educational and social support to women. They support women of all ages by providing them with financial aid, resources, legal assistance, community projects, livelihood programs, awards, medical assistance, as well as promoting equity for women. The AAUW Educational Foundation, the division under AAUW that is responsible for managing scholarships and grants to female students, provide generous benefits to its scholars as well as a generous monthly scholarship fee.
  • Women In Defense HORIZONS Scholarship Foundation– HORIZONS is a scholarship foundation managed by the WID. It assists women who wish to pursue their college education with courses relating to National Security and similar fields. They provide a $500 scholarship and a possible job opportunity upon graduation. In order to qualify, applicants must take courses in Engineering, Mathematics, Physics, and Computer Science, Law, Political Science, Economics, and the like. Only female US citizens are allowed with a minimum GPA of 3.25 to qualify. To apply, obtain a HORIZONS form from the Women in Defense.
  • Talbots Women’s Scholarship Fund– Perhaps the most generous scholarship program from this group is the Talbots Women’s Scholarship Fund. This financial aid for women awards up to $10, 000 in scholarships for women who are seeking to pursue their college education. Only 1, 000 applicants are accepted– if you wish to receive the Talbots Scholarship, you will need to apply ahead of time. The deadline is usually on the 15th of January of each year.

There are several other financial aid for women that provide more benefits compared to the above listed. Nonetheless, they were all established to help women who wish to become professionals realize that dream and eventually, find better opportunities for themselves and their families. Financial aid for women are also growing in number to do the dilemma wherein women are being given lesser opportunities compared with men.

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